Conservation Roof Windows

If you live in an old house of historical importance or in an area of natural beauty and you wish to renovate your home and increase the light into a room, you may be required to install conservation roof windows.

They are often the only practical way of getting light into an area, especially where there is a planning requirement to keep within an existing roof profile. In older properties, roof windows are sometimes added above staircases to bring in natural light and ventilation

They are designed to retain character and value of any historic building and faithfully replicate the original Victorian cast iron roof windows. Available in slate grey or black, usually having a central glazing bar splitting the glass, making them a popular choice for conservation officers. They can be fitted to roofs with pitches varying from 20 to 65 degrees so are very versatile, looking good with any roof covering whether clay tiles or slates.

Over the years we have fitted hundreds of roof windows, applications that have either been installed during a complete re roof or independently, working closely with architects and conservation officers.