Roof Overhauls

Roof overhauls are an ideal way to freshen up a tired and neglected roof at a fraction of the cost. When the main structure of the roof is in good condition, a complete replacement roof may not be necessary.

Failed mortar joints are often the cause of water ingression and can quickly escalate to more serious problems, especially in bad weather. Incorrect mixes that have failed over time, leaving tiles unstable and dangerous. Replacement of a roofs mortar on Ridges, verges, valleys and hips, helps to make it watertight again and also vastly improves the aesthetics of the roof.

High quality Lead work is vital and as important as the tiles themselves. Faulty lead work is more common than you might think and a leaking roof can be caused from a variety of things, one of them being damaged or incorrectly fitted lead flashings. These flashings, also known as roof coverings, come in a variety of different codes and thicknesses. Poor choice of material and laid incorrectly, they could potentially cause damage and future problems.

Cracked tiles or slates also add to a roofs ineffectiveness and are easily matched and replaced. Also tiles that have slipped, usually due to strong winds can be re aligned. Prompt replacement of all tiles is vitally important to prevent water penetration. Over the years, over insertion of wrongly sized and mis coloured tiles during old repairs, have led to some roofs to look rather patchy and uneven. Most of these tiles can now be sourced via a good network of salvage suppliers and these then replaced.

Chimneys are an important part of any roof. Not only functional, they provide a good focal point coming in many shapes and sizes, many with great design features. Deterioration of chimneys is common, failed pointing and lead work leading to problems such as damp and crumbling brickwork.

Incorrectly fitted guttering and blocked downpipes are also one of the main causes of water damage. It is crucial that a buildings drainage system is working properly, to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.

Below is a full list of our Overhaul services that can be tailored to your requirements;

  • Mortar pointing raked out around ridges and all repointed ( Hip and Main )
  • Mortar pointing raked out and replaced on all verges.
  • Mortar pointing raked out and replaced on all bonnets.
  • Mortar raked out and replaced on all valleys
  • Replace damaged or flaking tiles, slates ( whichever applicable )
  • Re aligne tiles / slates.
  • Skylights checked and sealed if needed.
  • Chimney mortar repairs.
  • Chimney step lead flashings repaired or replaced.
  • All lead work checked and repaired where necessary.
  • Gutters cleaned, repaired or replaced.
  • Facia and soffit boards checked, repaired or replaced.

Discovery of any problems not covered by your roof overhaul, you will be informed of any additional remedial work. All of the work outlined in the various points above, will be completed as quickly as possible, with no hidden extras.

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