Sustainablility Products

There is a huge push these days for building materials that are either natural or recycled.

House builders now have to conform more and more to sustainable guidelines, with eco-friendly building materials as well as a buildings operating systems such as lighting and heating.

All of the lead that we use is recycled from used car batteries, saving them from going to landfill. Our products such as plasters, various insulation and the majority of roofing materials, come from natural sources with a very low carbon footprint. If possible, the roof tiles that we strip are sold on and likewise the reclaimed tiles and slates that we provide are from these same reclamation suppliers, therefor completing the cycle.

Please see below several links to some of our supply network….

Best Of Lime

Sustainable Lime Plasters, manufactured on site in rural east anglia, ticking all of the conservation and green boxes.


Established in 1978, J Purdy and sons is a family run business. They hold one of the largest stocks of quality reclaimed building materials in the UK, stocking over 2 million roof tiles over a 10 acre site.


ALM is one of the leading distributors of Enviro rolled lead in the UK. Enviro lead is 100% recyclable and comes with a 50 year guarantee.

Redland are an award winning tile and slate manufacturer at the forefront of raising environmental awareness within the UK construction industry.